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Comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment Services in Sussex

Sussex Animal Hospital offers top-notch diagnostic and treatment services to keep your pets healthy. With our advanced in-house laboratory and radiology capabilities, we provide quick and accurate diagnoses for various health conditions. We offer various diagnostic tests and procedures to ensure your furry friends receive quality care in Sussex and the surrounding areas.


We collaborate with specialized hospitals and colleges to ensure comprehensive pet care. In complex cases, we can refer them to specialists who can provide the necessary care in complex cases. Call us today to schedule an appointment and give your beloved pets the compassionate veterinary services they deserve.

Precise Diagnoses with Our In-house Lab Testing

Our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment allows us to provide same-day blood test results, enabling quicker diagnosis and treatment. Our skilled technicians are proficient in assessing kidney, liver, and pancreatic function, monitoring white and red blood cells and thyroid function, and detecting feline leukemia/FIV in cats. With our in-house lab testing, you can rely on us for prompt and precise diagnoses.

Ensuring Pet Safety with Pre-anesthetic Blood Testing

At Sussex Animal Hospital, we prioritize the safety of your pets by conducting routine pre-anesthetic blood testing before any surgical procedure. This comprehensive testing allows us to customize the anesthetic regime to your pet's specific needs, reducing potential risks and ensuring a smoother and safer surgical experience for your beloved companion.

Radiology Services

Our advanced digital radiology system conducts in-house X-ray examinations to obtain detailed images of your pets' musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. This state-of-the-art technology enables us to accurately diagnose fractures, organ abnormalities, and tumours, expediting the treatment process for your beloved pets.

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We provide your pets with the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment they deserve.

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