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Sussex’s First Vet Clinic, Opened in 1983

Exceptional Veterinary Care Just a Call Away

Don't wait to ensure your pet's well-being. Schedule an appointment with our experienced veterinarians today and give your furry friend the quality care they deserve.

Dependable and Experienced Veterinary Services in Sussex

With a legacy from 1983, Sussex Animal Hospital has established itself as a trusted and experienced veterinary facility committed to delivering comprehensive medical, dental, and surgical services for your cherished pets. Under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Justason and Dr. Kim Parker, along with our exceptional staff, we place the utmost importance on the well-being of your furry companions. Through routine preventative treatments and nutritional counselling, we strive to promote a healthy and enriching lifestyle for your pets. 


We proudly serve Sussex and the surrounding areas. Call us today for an appointment or book immediate assistance.

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Comprehensive Veterinary Care for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals

As a locally-owned and operated veterinary center accredited by the NBVMA (New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association), Sussex Animal Hospital proudly serves their clients throughout Southern New Brunswick. With deep roots in the community, our reputation for compassionate and personalized care has made us a trusted choice for pet owners. 

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Complete Veterinary Services in Sussex and Surrounding Area

If you're seeking a highly experienced and trusted veterinarian in the Sussex area, look no further than Sussex Animal Hospital. With over 40 years of serving companion animals, our team, led by Dr. Stephen Justason, is well-versed in diagnosing and treating various conditions for animals of various types. We understand your deep bond with your pets and emphasize the significance of preventative medicine and proper nutrition to extend their lives and enhance their well-being.

Our services include:

  • Complete medical, dental and surgical services

  • Sick animal treatment

  • Veterinary care for companion animals / small animals

  • Complete lab diagnostics

  • Fully-equipped animal hospital on site

  • Routine preventative medicine

  • Nutritional counselling

  • Elective and soft tissue surgeries

  • In-house laboratory

  • Veterinary diets

  • Digital radiographs

  • Dental surgeries

  • End-of-life care

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our customers speak:

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Pleasant Experience and Quick Services

“Great experience. Very quick. My dog has anxiety and had a rough time coming in the clinic the first time. Fay up front was very quick to help us into a space out of the way so as not to disrupt the other patients. It took a minute for a room to become available but I don't mind waiting for sanitization. We all love a clean clinic! Dr. Justason was calm and efficient which was perfect for my boy's nerves and in the end the bill was fair. All in all a very pleasant experience for us both and while I hope I don't need a visit any time soon, I will definitely be bringing Rowan back for future visits.”

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- Krys P.

Professional Affiliations

New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association (NBVMA) accredited

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Professional Nutritional Counselling

Our experienced veterinarians provide personalized nutritional counselling to ensure your pet receives a balanced diet for optimal health and vitality.

Preventive Care Services

Give your pet the best chance at a long and healthy life with our comprehensive preventive care services. From vaccinations to wellness exams, we prioritize proactive measures.

Surgical and Dental Services for Your Pet's Well-being

Trust our skilled veterinary team for effective surgical and dental procedures, including routine dental cleanings and complex surgeries.

Accurate Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and experienced veterinarians enable us to provide precise diagnoses and effective treatment plans for your pet.

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